Gigi Hadid Hints at Bradley Cooper Romance With ‘Guest in Residence’ Ad

Gigi Hadid just spilled the beans on her alleged fling with Bradley Cooper, and she did it in the most cashmere-clad, aviator-sporting way possible!

Despite not flat-out confirming their romantic escapades, Hadid gave us a juicy wink with her latest marketing move. Bradley has been strutting around town in more Guest in Residence cashmere than your grandma’s favorite sweater. Seriously, it’s like he raided her walk-in closet and decided, “Yep, this is my new look.”

But the pièce de résistance? Gigi just casually dropped a pic of Bradley on Guest In Residence’s Instagram Story, rocking the cashmere Plaid Work Shirt like it’s the hottest thing since sliced bread. The caption? “GUEST IN RESIDENCE KNITTER$,” as if to say, “Hey, world, this shirt is so in demand that even Bradley Cooper can’t get enough.”

Now, this snapshot seems to be plucked from the same batch of paparazzi pics where Bradley was strutting his stuff in New York City. The man looks like a walking cashmere billboard, paired with aviator shades and a knit hat that screams, “I woke up like this, fabulous!”

And let’s not forget, Bradley is so committed to this look that he recycled it for his 30-year high school reunion. Talk about making a statement. An insider spilled the tea to Page Six, saying their relationship is “on steroids.” Well, if Bradley’s wardrobe choices are any indication, these two are taking fashion risks to the next level.

From cozy dinner dates in the Big Apple to theater outings that probably had Broadway stars wondering if they should cast them next, this duo is turning the romance dial up to eleven. Move over, Hollywood love stories—Gigi and Bradley are here to show you how to keep it cashmere classy and hilariously haute!

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Gigi Hadid Hints at Bradley Cooper Romance With ‘Guest in Residence’ Ad



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