‘Friends’ Star Matthew Perry Dies

Matthew Perry, our beloved Chandler Bing from the legendary sitcom “Friends,” has shuffled off this mortal coil at the tender age of 54. Could this BE any more heartbreaking?

Apparently, our favorite sarcastic buddy decided it was time for his final “Could I BE any more dramatic?” moment and pulled a Houdini. According to the ever-reliable TMZ, he took an unplanned dive into the great unknown. Forget about the turkey on your head; it’s time to shed a tear for this comedy genius.

Now, picture this: the first responders get a call about a “Chandler emergency” in Los Angeles. They rush to the scene to find Matthew, not doing his goofy dance, but chilling in a jacuzzi! Talk about going out with a splash!

Before you start pointing fingers and accusing Janice of foul play, let’s clear things up. No drugs were found in the vicinity, and even Marcel the monkey can confirm there was no monkey business going on. It seems our Chandler just wanted to go out in a style that even Joey would approve of – living life on the edge.

In a plot twist that not even the writers of “Friends” could have come up with, a few years back, Matthew’s colon decided to stage a rebellion after an extended bout with opioids. He spent two weeks in a coma and five months in the hospital, all while dreaming of witty comebacks and sarcastic one-liners. He was so committed to his craft that he even tried method acting in real life!

But hey, it wasn’t all about sarcastic quips and awkward situations. Matthew dropped his memoir, “Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing,” in 2022, shedding light on his experiences. And let’s not forget his role in “17 Again,” where he shared the screen with the dreamy Zac Efron. We’ll miss those Chandleresque punchlines, but at least we’ll always have reruns.

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He may have played Chandler Bing, but in our hearts, he was our friend. Matthew, you will be missed, and your laughter will echo through the halls of Central Perk for generations to come. In the words of Ross Geller, “We were on a break!” Rest in peace, Mr. Perry.



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