Boy George Slams Madonna, Says She’s “Too Full of Herself”

In the fantastical world of glitter and glamour, Boy George has thrown some spicy shade in Madonna’s direction, claiming she’s “too full of herself.” Hold onto your sequined hats, because the Culture Club icon spilled the tea on his less-than-spectacular encounters with the Queen of Pop.

In his tell-all masterpiece, “Karma, My Autobiography,” Boy George reveals that despite Madonna recalling him “head to toe in Westwood,” he was, in fact, rocking exclusively Sue Clowes at the time. Oh, the fashion drama!

Recalling a rendezvous in the concrete jungle of New York City, George spilled, “Madonna waltzed in with Sean Penn and pulled a classic pretend-I-don’t-see-you move. Classic Madonna.” He goes on to dish that Madonna is like a can of pop, full of herself, and adding new ingredients every day. If only she’d add a dash of humility!

The 62-year-old “Karma Chameleon” crooner, amidst the sassy anecdotes, clarified he’s still a fan of Madonna’s musical wizardry. Yet, he wonders if she really grasps the concept of humor, stating, “I have a sense of humour, I don’t think Madonna does, despite some of the clothes she wears (LOL).” Burn level: Fashion Police approved.

George, who clearly loves his drama served with a side of pop star behavior, labeled Madonna’s brand as “genius.” However, he threw in a dash of reality, suggesting that beyond the glitz, you still want your artists to be a bit ordinary. Because, let’s face it, even pop royalty needs to do the laundry.

Despite the verbal jabs and the sassy banter, George believes in a future friendship with Madonna. Channeling his inner optimist, he declared, “Like Bette and Joan, we should have been friends. There’s still time.” Can you hear the distant echoes of ‘Like a Virgin’ playing as they walk into the sunset arm in arm? Only time will tell in this star-studded saga of glitter, feuds, and potential BFF reunions. Stay tuned!

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Boy George Slams Madonna, Says She’s “Too Full of Herself”


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