Travis Kelce’s Ex Kayla Nicole is No Longer a Fan of His Team Now That He’s Dating Taylor Swift

Guess what? Kayla Nicole seems to have traded her Kansas City Chiefs fan card for something greener and feathery! After her split from Travis Kelce, it looks like she’s done with the Chiefs drama and found a new team to root for. Drumroll, please!

The dazzling model and on-air reporter spilled the beans on her newfound NFL allegiance through the magic of social media. Brace yourselves, because it’s time to unveil Kayla’s new team spirit!

In a Twitter escapade that could rival a touchdown celebration, Kayla reposted a video from none other than the NBA, featuring Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts chilling in courtside seats at a recent game. And what did our girl Kayla have to say about it? “Fly Eagles fly!” That’s right, she’s donned the wings and is now soaring high with the Philadelphia Eagles. Somebody get her an Eagles jersey, pronto!

In case you missed the memo, Travis’ brother Jason Kelce happens to be strutting his stuff with the Eagles, and guess what they did last week? Oh, just casually defeated the Chiefs. No biggie. So, it seems like Kayla is saying, “Goodbye, Chiefs; hello, Eagles!”

Now, in the midst of Travis’ whirlwind romance with Taylor Swift, Kayla has not only unfollowed three of her NFL buddies (Brittany, Patrick, and Jackson Mahomes), but she’s also cleaning up her social media roster. However, there’s one Kelce family member who’s still enjoying the privilege of being followed by the newly minted Eagles fanatic (Kylie Kelce). Talk about keeping it in the family, even in the wild world of celebrity relationships!

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Stay tuned for more thrilling chapters of Kayla’s gridiron adventures – because when life throws you a breakup, why not spice things up with a dash of football frenzy and a sprinkle of Twitter theatrics? Go, Kayla, fly Eagles fly!


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