Drew Barrymore Reveals Why She’s Never Had Plastic Surgery

Drew Barrymore spilled the beans on her aging game, and it’s a no-plastic-surgery party over here!

In a recent chit-chat, the 48-year-young actress and queen of daytime banter spilled the tea on why she hasn’t joined the Botox bandwagon. “I’m steering clear of the plastic fantastic, and I’m going to ride this aging rollercoaster as long as I can,” Drew spilled to People. “No judgment if you’re into that, but me? I’m saving my wrinkles for a rainy day.”

With a twinkle in her eye, she added, “I can’t wait to see myself as a genuine leather handbag in the future! Couture, darling!”

Drew, the wise sage that she is, also shared that the thought of going under the cosmetic knife gives her the heebie-jeebies. “I’ve got a personality that latches onto things like a clingy ex,” she confessed. “I’d probably end up in a never-ending loop of ‘fix this, tweak that.’ That’s scarier than a horror movie marathon!”

And while she’s not against a good hair makeover, Drew hilariously admitted, “I’ve colored my hair so much; I’m on a first-name basis with the entire Crayola box. I don’t even remember my original color. It’s like trying to recall your childhood imaginary friend’s name – a mystery!”

But hold your anti-aging creams; Drew has some wisdom to sprinkle on the fountain of youth dilemma. “Aging is like a badge of honor, a participation trophy for being alive and kickin’,” she philosophized. “I’m embracing it like a long-lost friend who owes me a coffee. Positive vibes, people!”

She continued, “Health is the real MVP here. When life gets crazy, you gotta prioritize. If you’ve got your health, you can conquer the world – or at least the wrinkle cream aisle. Let’s keep it real; that’s where the true battles are fought!” Drew, you glorious fountain of comedic wisdom, we salute you and your refusal to succumb to the allure of the everlasting youth quest!

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