Beyonce’s Mom Tina Knowles Shades Janet Jackson by Liking Instagram Post About Ticket Prices

Tina Knowles has found herself in the middle of a sassy showdown after giving a nod to some shady comments about Janet Jackson. The matriarch of the Queen Bey herself, Beyonce Knowles, is under fire for playing the “like” button game on a post comparing Janet’s concert tickets to a rollercoaster of cash.

Tina, in a move that’s been labeled “messy and sneaky” by the Insta-police, double-tapped on a post by her friend, @let68, who took ticket pricing to the comedy stage. The post showcased Janet’s tickets with a price tag that looked more like a phone number: $2,000+ for the “Meet & Greet & VIP Lounge Packages.” @let68, in their virtual stand-up routine, complained about 15-second meet & greets, cash-grabbing tactics, and the desperate plea for a front-row seat that might break your back (ouch!).

In the grand caption of this virtual roast, @let68 spilled the tea: “What a joke… They add $1000 for a 15-second meet & greet again. No front row for fans unless you want to bend over so they can continue to rake in the cash. You want Beyonce prices, have real production. Just disgusted. I’m not the only one… oh the DMs I’m getting. Way to thank your fans for years of support.”

But hold the Beyhive buzz! Tina’s Insta-like didn’t escape the eagle eyes of the internet detectives. Comments started rolling in faster than Queen Bey can hit those high notes. One brave soul accused Tina of being “lowkey messy and sneaky.” Another went all out, saying, “Calm down lil tink tink,” in a nod to the drama unfolding.

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@let68 swooped in, cape and all, to defend Tina. “And why do people keep trying to call out my friend Tina for liking my post. People out here making comments agreeing with me but nobody calls them out,” they declared. Adding a sassy mic drop, “@let’s not forget… Beyonce gives you almost 3 hours. Janet gives the minimum hour and a half.”

Screenshots of Tina’s like and @let68’s defense became the main act on an Instagram blog, turning the comment section into a virtual comedy club. One critic threw major shade, “Not y’all making excuses for Tina. That woman lowkey messy and sneaky.” Another gave Tina the side-eye, “The audacity. It’s folks like Michael Jackson and his sister Janet who influenced her and were icon status before her! Why do you think she goes all out her way for her shows? She’s seen their shoes and extra-ness. Calm down lil tink tink.”

And just like that, the saga of Insta-drama unfolded, with the internet popcorn machine working overtime. Who knew concert tickets could spark a virtual comedy roast worthy of a standing ovation? Stay tuned for the next episode of “Social Media Showdowns”!


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