‘CBS Sunday Morning’ Host Charles Osgood Dies at 91

In a world that could definitely use a good laugh, it’s with a mix of chuckles and teardrops that we bid farewell to Charles Osgood, the legendary newsman who, at the age of 91, has left the earthly news desk for a celestial Sunday Morning broadcast in the sky. The man who made “Horton Hears a Who” a must-see theatrical masterpiece is now narrating tales for the angels.

This award-winning journalist, CBS maestro, and connoisseur of all things Sunday-ish passed away at his New Jersey home, presumably trading headlines with the cherubs and serenading them with his soothing voice. The poor guy battled dementia, but let’s be real, who wouldn’t lose their marbles trying to keep up with the craziness of the news these days?

In a statement that probably made the heavens themselves crack a smile, Charlie’s family thanked the ‘Sunday Morning’ community for making his life so darn charmed. Well, it’s not every day you get to interview Sting, chat with Julia Child, and then, for a grand finale, voice an animated elephant in a Seussian spectacle.

For over four decades, Charles was the man at CBS News, and let’s not forget his stellar run as the captain of the ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ ship starting in 1994. The show reached heights higher than a caffeinated kangaroo, scoring Emmys left and right – you know, the kind of success that makes other news anchors green with envy or perhaps just with the desire for a really good spinach smoothie.

Beyond the newsroom, Charlie dabbled in poetry and music, probably using rhythm and rhyme to make sense of the chaos that unfolded on his news desk. And yes, he retired in 2016, but not before dropping some serious wisdom: “Why do I keep doing this considering my age? It’s just that it’s been such a joy doing it!” Well, if you can find joy in delivering the news, you’ve cracked the code to life.

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Survived by his wife, five kids, and a collection of unforgettable interviews, Charles Osgood has left the building, but fear not – he’ll see you on the radio. As the tributes pour in on social media, we can almost hear the angels singing, “Rest easy, Charlie, you’ve earned it. #charlesosgood #HeavenlyHeadlines.”


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