Billie Eilish Wrote a Song About Olivia Rodrigo ‘Goldwing’

Guess what’s playing on Billie Eilish’s mental radio station? None other than the Olivia Rodrigo show! In an exclusive interview that’s juicier than a watermelon on a hot summer day, the When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? crooner spilled the beans on her secret musical crush.

Picture this: Billie, surrounded by mystical musical vibes, confessing, “I think everybody’s experiences are as unique as a unicorn in a tutu. Nobody’s had a backstage pass to someone else’s life, you know? But here’s the scoop – I’ve got this secret love affair with Olivia.”

Hold onto your socks, because Billie dropped the bomb about a tune from her last album. It’s called ‘Goldwing,’ and it’s not just any old melody—it’s partially inspired by the one and only “drivers license” superstar. And get this, she’s never spilled these beans to anyone before. Cue gasps!

Billie spills the tea (or should we say musical notes?) with, “It’s not just about her, you know? I was just casually strumming my genius guitar, and Olivia popped into my head. She was climbing up the fame ladder, younger than me, breaking age records like it’s a game. I mean, who does that? Olivia, that’s who. She’s this petite, delicate creature, and I couldn’t help but feel like a protective big sister. I was nervous for her, you know? Showbiz can be weirder than a cat wearing sunglasses. I just felt this strong urge to be her musical guardian angel. And hey, I feel that way about everyone – it’s like my superhero power, but with more glitter.”

Billie Eilish, the unsung hero of the music world, crafting tunes with a dash of Olivia Rodrigo sparkle. Who knew ‘Goldwing’ had a secret ingredient? Now, whenever you listen to it, you can imagine Billie strumming her guitar, wearing a cape made of stardust, ready to protect the music realm from any weirdness.

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