Billie Lourd Remembers Mom Carrie Fisher on 7th Anniversary of Her Death

Billie Lourd is throwing a cosmic party for her mom, the legendary Carrier Fisher, and guess what? It’s been a whopping 7 years since her mom rocked this galaxy and moved on to the next cosmic adventure.

In a bold move, Billie took to the hilarious land of Instagram to spill the tea on her ever-evolving grief journey. She slapped on a throwback pic of herself and Carrie chilling on the beach, because, why not? ✨❤️✨

“Can you believe it’s been 7 years since my mom decided to explore the ultimate spa day in the afterlife? (but who’s counting?? Oh right, me. I guess I’ve got a galactic calendar),” Billie spilled in her caption, complete with enough sparkle emojis to make a disco ball jealous.

This time around, the grief hit her like a surprise party organized by emotional ninjas. She spilled the beans on the various flavors of grief she’s tasted over the years – rage, tears for days, feeling like a human-shaped void, feeling nothing at all, feeling guilty for feeling nothing, and the grand finale – feeling all of that chaos at once. Talk about a rollercoaster of emotions, right?

But hold onto your starships, because this year, Billie woke up feeling “grateful – or ✨griefull✨ if you will.” Yes, you read that right, “griefull.” It’s a whole new level of emotional vocabulary, and we’re here for it.

In a plot twist worthy of a galactic soap opera, Billie spilled the beans on how grief has become her life’s secret sauce. It’s like appreciation on steroids, making her savor every joyous moment as if it were the last slice of space pizza at a cosmic party.

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And here’s the kicker – while cradling her napping daughter, Billie felt the waterworks of joy hit her like a meteor shower. She laughed, she cried, and then she cried because she was laughing. It’s like an emotional inception, and we’re just trying to keep up.

According to Billie, her mom, or as she affectionately calls her, “mombys,” is omnipresent like the sun on a scorching summer day. She’s not just missing in action; she’s adding extra sparkle to Billie’s life. Move over shooting stars; we’ve got a space mom making life twinkle.

Billie shared the universal truth – her mom lives in the stars. And boy, does she make life sparkle. So, here’s a shoutout to all the griefers out there, with a sprinkle of hope that you can find your own ✨griefull✨ moments in the chaotic symphony of feelings. ❤️ May the force of laughter and tears be with you!


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