Bob Saget’s Widow Kelly Rizzo Shows Off New Boyfriend Breckin Meyer On Instagram

Kelly Rizzo is throwing a birthday bash for her beau, none other than Breckin Meyer, and she’s not just celebrating with cake and candles – she’s taking their relationship for a wild spin!

In case you missed the memo, Kelly, the fabulous 44-year-old widow of the legendary Bob Saget (may he rest in comedic peace), spilled the beans back in February that she’s been cozying up to none other than Breckin Meyer, yes, the man himself, more than two years after Bob’s unexpected departure from this hilarious world.

Fast forward to Tuesday, May 7, and Kelly has kicked it up a notch by making their romance Insta-official! That’s right, she’s letting the world know that Breckin, the man who’s about to hit the big 5-0, is her main squeeze, her partner in crime, her laughter accomplice.

In a post that’s sweeter than a triple-layered birthday cake, Kelly poured her heart out, giving us all the feels with her heartfelt tribute. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!” she belts out to her man, listing off qualities that make him sound like the ultimate catch. Kind? Check. Sweet? Double check. Silly? Oh, you betcha! And let’s not forget completely hilarious, because who wants a partner without a good sense of humor, am I right?

But wait, there’s more! Kelly’s not just painting Breckin as Prince Charming with a dash of comedic flair; she’s also hinting at his rugged handsomeness, his deep understanding of her quirks, and his never-ending curiosity that keeps their love boat sailing through uncharted waters. And let’s not overlook the fact that he’s compassionate, witty, warm, and just downright wonderful. Phew, talk about setting the bar high!

So, here’s to you, Breckin, the man who’s captured Kelly’s heart and our attention with his undeniable charm and wit. May your birthday be as epic as a blockbuster comedy, and may your romance with Kelly continue to be the stuff that rom-com dreams are made of. Cheers to love, laughter, and happily ever afters! 🎂❤️🎉

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