Dominic Fike and Emma Roberts’ Sister Grace Nickels Spotted Kissing

Looks like Dominic Fike and Grace Nickels might just be the hottest new couple in town! The 28-year-old Euphoria heartthrob was caught in the act of stealing a kiss from the lovely Grace, who’s a cool 22 years old, outside a fancy New York City hotel on a romantic Saturday (January 13).

Picture this: Dominic and Grace, dynamic duo, engaging in a passionate embrace and flaunting their love for all to see as they made a grand exit from the downtown Manhattan hotel. Move over, Hollywood – we’ve got a new power couple in the making!

And for those living under a pop culture rock, Grace just happens to be the younger sister of none other than Emma Roberts. Talk about keeping it in the family – they share the same mom but different dads. It’s like a soap opera, but with more famous siblings.

Over the weekend, Grace treated us to a sneak peek into the love saga with a hilarious Instagram Story. Brace yourselves – a photo surfaced of Dominic apparently holding onto her leg in a recording studio. It’s not just music he’s recording; it’s the soundtrack to their epic romance! The pic was so good it got reposted by one of Dominic’s fan pages. Move over, Romeo and Juliet – there’s a new love story in town, and it’s got a killer soundtrack!

So, keep your eyes peeled, because Dominic and Grace are painting the town red, one smooch and leg-hold at a time. It’s the Hollywood love story we didn’t know we needed, but now we can’t get enough of. Grab your popcorn and get ready for the next blockbuster – “Dominic and Grace: The Leg-Hold Chronicles.” Coming soon to a gossip magazine near you!

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Dominic Fike and Emma Roberts’ Sister Grace Nickels Spotted Kissing


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