Kylie Jenner Opens Up to Jennifer Lawrence About “Cutting Out” Jordyn Woods

Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence just had a chat that’s more entertaining than a cat on a Roomba!

So, J-Law, the ultimate Kardashian superfan, sat down with Kylie for a chit-chat that covered more ground than a Kardashian closet. They delved into family drama, paparazzi horror stories, and even managed to sprinkle some spice on the topic of security guards. Buckle up!

First off, Jennifer grilled Kylie about the Kardashian squad dynamics, wondering if they’d be BFFs even if they weren’t bound by blood. Kylie spilled the tea, saying they’re all so obsessed with each other that they’d probably pick each other as ride-or-die buddies even if they weren’t rocking the same family tree. Jennifer wasn’t fully on board, but hey, agree to disagree, right?

Then came the talk about growing up in the spotlight. Kylie spilled some paparazzi horror stories that would make a horror movie director blush. Imagine 50-year-old men trying to shoot up your skirt! Creepy much? But Kylie’s like, “Whatever, I’m so used to it now. It’s like a daily workout, but instead of lifting weights, I’m lifting my patience.”

The spotlight isn’t just harsh for Kylie; it’s also a spotlight extravaganza for Stormi. Apparently, Khloe is Stormi’s second mom. Kylie spilled the beans, saying Khloe is everyone’s go-to babysitter. Like, who needs a nanny when you’ve got Khloe Kardashian in the house?

And guess what? Kylie and Khloe were pregnant at the same time. Kylie dropped that bomb, saying, “We never saw that coming. You can’t make this sh-t up.” Nope, not even in a Hollywood script.

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Let’s not forget the sisterly bonding. Kylie spilled that her bond with Kendall got stronger thanks to Stormi. They might have different styles and personalities, but who cares when you’re both slaying the game? Jennifer even threw in some zodiac talk, comparing themselves to happy, excited golden retrievers. Leo power!

Now, onto the VIPs of Kylie’s life – her security guards. Apparently, Kylie didn’t know the joy of having security until she was pregnant. She’s all about keeping it casual with her security squad, making them more like friends than bodyguards. Jennifer chimed in, revealing she had the same “invisible” security dream until reality hit, and she realized, “Hey, these guys are helping us out. Let’s not ignore them like they’re invisible superheroes.”

And the pièce de résistance – the Jordyn Woods saga. Jennifer went straight to the juicy stuff, asking Kylie how she and Jordyn became buddies again. Kylie spilled the tea, saying they never fully cut each other off and decided to bury the hatchet over sushi. Lesson learned: friendships are like sushi – sometimes you need to let them marinate.

Oh, and let’s not forget the plastic surgery talk. Jennifer, the master of makeup magic, spilled the beans on her eye surgery rumors. Kylie chimed in with her lip filler confession, both ladies basically saying, “It’s not surgery; it’s just contouring and makeup!”

In the end, Kylie and Jennifer dropped truth bombs, laughed off rumors, and left us all wondering – is there anything these two can’t handle with style, sass, and a sprinkle of humor? Check out Kylie’s cover story for Interview at

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Kylie Jenner Opens Up About Cutting Jordyn Woods Out of Her Life


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