Charli D’Amelio States She’s Not Pregnant But is Now a Dog-Mom

In a world where chaos reigns and puppies are the new babies, a hilarious mix-up unfolded in the lives of internet sensation Charli D’Amelio and rocker Landon Barker.

You see, this dynamic duo decided to embark on a journey of parenthood… with a twist. Instead of bringing a tiny human into the world, they decided to adopt a four-legged furball and named it Moody. Well, Moody is a dog, and one might say she’s a bit like a doggy DNA jackpot. Charli proudly proclaimed, “She’s 19 different breeds – like, all over the place!” It’s like Moody went on a genetic buffet tour.

It gets even more barking mad. Not only does Moody have a buffet of breeds, but she’s also got some canine siblings out there in the world. Charli and her pals are out here comparing doggy family photos like it’s a reality show, and the results are more mixed than a bag of Skittles.

“One is fully black. One has spots and tinier ears. She has an eye patch and white and black and big, floppy ears,” Charli shared, sounding like she’s describing a cast of characters from a doggy sitcom. You know you’re in for a ride when the most common trait among them is “really long legs.” Moody is mostly pit bull, but she’s also part husky, part golden retriever, and part, well, who even knows at this point? It’s the mystery of the doggy universe.

Now, let’s fast forward to the “oops” moment that had people’s eyebrows raised higher than a squirrel spotting a hungry hawk. Charli was doing an interview, in front of a live audience, no less, and they somehow got the impression that she and Landon had welcomed a tiny human into their lives. Gasp!

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Dixie, the ever-watchful sister, spilled the beans, saying, “People didn’t watch the whole interview, and I had multiple people text me asking how your baby was, because they asked her in an interview, they were like, ‘You and Landon had a baby and…'”

Charli, with her wits about her, chimed in, “No. It was in front of a live audience, so I got to see everyone’s faces, and I was like, ‘Oh, my goodness!'” Yep, she saw the collective “Whaaaat?” etched across the audience’s faces.

Just to clear the air, no, Charli and Landon are not expecting any human bundles of joy. Charli even had a chat with a bewildered soul from that live interview, who confessed, “Yeah, for a second there. You sold it really well.” Bravo, Charli, for pulling off the ultimate doggy deception!


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