Meghan Markle Apparently Pretended to Cry at Queen Elizabeth II’s Funeral

The saga of tears at Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral took a dramatic turn when Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, found herself in hot water over her waterworks—or should we say, alleged waterworks!

Amidst the somber atmosphere of mourning, Meghan’s display of emotion became a spectacle that could rival any Shakespearean tragedy. As she joined the throngs of mourners at Westminster Abbey, tears flowed down her face like a leaky faucet in need of some royal plumbing.

But hold your hankies, because not everyone was reaching for their tissues. Oh no, the court of public opinion was quick to cry foul play! Accusations of “fake tears” began to spread faster than gossip at a royal garden party.

Enter social media, the arena where every armchair detective becomes a regular Sherlock Holmes. TikTok, the virtual watering hole of the internet, became the battleground for the great tear debate. Videos popped up faster than you can say “cheeky meme,” dissecting Meghan’s tears like a high school biology frog.

“Spot the faker!” cried the online sleuths. According to the self-proclaimed tear experts, if the tears were flowing from the left eye, it was more staged than a West End production. Talk about crying foul!

But fear not, for every villain, there’s a hero—or at least a few die-hard Meghan fans ready to leap to her defense like knights in shining armor. They rallied in the comments section, brandishing their digital swords against the naysayers, ready to slay any baseless accusations with the might of a thousand emojis.

Yet, just when you thought the drama had reached its peak, a blast from Meghan’s past emerged like a plot twist in a soap opera. A video from her old blog, The Tig, surfaced, revealing a shocking confession: Meghan Markle, tear extraordinaire, could apparently summon a single tear from her left eye on command. Move over, Hollywood, we’ve got a new method actor in town!

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A tale of tears, tantrums, and TikTok takedowns fit for the royal history books. As for Meghan Markle, well, whether her tears were as genuine as a royal decree or as fake as a knockoff crown, one thing’s for certain: the show must go on!

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