Tom Nitti From ‘The Voice’ Explains His Exit

The Voice’s Tom Nitti spilled the beans on his early departure from the show, and it’s not just because he heard a cat sing better than him!

This 31-year-old dynamo, who was once part of Reba McEntire’s squad on season 24 of the musical showdown, shocked fans when he declared on November 28 that he was taking his leave from The Voice. Cue the dramatic exit music!

In an interview with Utica Observer-Dispatch that was more thrilling than a rollercoaster ride, Tom hilariously unveiled the jaw-dropping reason behind his swift exit.

Picture this: Tom, juggling his microphone and a divorce decree! Yup, just months into his Voice journey, he decided to file for divorce from his ex-wife. Now, this isn’t your usual “irreconcilable differences” story – this is a symphony of chaos.

Why did he hit pause on his music dream? Well, it turns out being a Purple Heart recipient is no child’s play, especially when you’re also playing dad to two little maestros. Tom realized that his kids needed him more than The Voice stage, and he ain’t no deadbeat dad!

In the interview, Tom spilled his guts to fellow contestant Jacquie Roar. Picture a spilled smoothie of emotions and divorce papers – messy, right? He revealed receiving an email from his lawyers, urgently summoning him home because his ex-wife decided it was time for a custody showdown.

“I am happy with the decision I made, but should it have come to that point? Absolutely not,” Tom confessed, probably thinking he should have stuck to singing in the shower instead of diving into the reality TV pool.

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The Voice’s own soap opera featuring Tom Nitti, divorce dilemmas, and a dad determined to make sure his kids hit the high notes in life. Move over, drama queens; Tom’s got this!


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