Nick Minaj to Release New ‘Pink Friday 2’ Songs Every Day Next Week

Nicki Minaj just dropped her latest masterpiece, and let’s be real, her album releases are like rollercoasters with glitter and rap beats.

The highly-anticipated ‘Pink Friday 2’ has finally descended upon us like a glitter bomb on a unicorn parade, and her Babrz are losing their minds – in the best way possible.

In a move that’s as unpredictable as her rhymes, Nicki spilled the tea that she’s not done with us yet. Brace yourselves, because next week is about to be a musical fiesta.

In a plot twist that even Hollywood couldn’t script, Minaj is adding more tracks to the LP. And no, she’s not just throwing in a bonus track or two; we’re talking about a musical expansion pack. The streaming edition already boasts a whopping 22 songs, and now, it’s getting a bonus round.

According to the queen herself, we’re in for a treat – four more tracks are on the way. That’s right, four! It’s like getting extra fries at the bottom of the bag; unexpected, but oh-so-welcome.

But hold on, there’s a daily dose of delight coming our way. Starting Monday or Tuesday (because who needs predictable weekdays?), #GagCity is opening its doors for a new track every day until Friday. It’s like a musical advent calendar, but instead of chocolate, you get Nicki dropping fire verses.

And if that wasn’t enough to make your playlist dance with joy, she dropped some hints about the featured artists. Apparently, two of them rhyme with Schmechia Schmole & Schmonica. Cryptic much, Nicki? We see you playing 4D chess with our musical expectations.

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So, are you buzzing with excitement? Is your playlist ready for the Nicki Minaj rollercoaster extravaganza? Buckle up, because it’s about to get wild in #GagCity, and we’re all invited to the party!


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