Prince Harry Takes Photo With Millionaire Football Club Owner Amid ‘Money’ Feud With Meghan Markle

Prince Harry found himself in a royally hilarious pickle when he cozied up to a millionaire buddy after a rather gloomy day on the soccer pitch.

In a recent snapshot, the Duke of Sussex, looking quite the picture of bemusement, stands beside none other than the new co-owner of the Los Angeles Football Club. This wealthy wizard, Shaun Neff, shared this Kodak moment as part of his “Rich Guy Chronicles” to celebrate his dive into the world of LAFC.

Behold Harry, with a face that screams, “I’ve seen some wild things on the pitch today,” as he extends his hand in a pose that could rival any interpretive dance move. This delightful rendezvous takes place in a parking lot, a setting fit for Hollywood’s next blockbuster.

Our dear Duke had just finished witnessing a thrilling soccer match at the BMO Stadium, and there he stood, ready to escape in his trusty black SUV, presumably to find solace in a cup of tea.

The game played on September 4 saw the LAFC gang suffering a brutal 3-1 defeat at the hands (or feet) of none other than David Beckham’s Inter Miami team. So, naturally, both Harry and Neff sported expressions as sour as a lemonade stand at a pickle festival.

And speaking of “pickle,” lately, Prince Harry has been juggling more appearances than a circus clown riding a unicycle while juggling flaming bowling pins. Reports are abuzz about some tiff between him and Meghan Markle, with their wallets being the culprit. Harry wants to play Monopoly with real money, while Meghan thinks Monopoly money is enough.

Remember, these two lovebirds decided to pack up their royal crowns and scepters back in 2020 and made a break for the American Dream, ending up in a fancy mansion in Montecito, California. They’ve been living it up in the land of surfboards and sunshine for over three years, but Harry, bless his heart, seems to be feeling a bit nostalgic for the rainy old UK.

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Meghan, who’s got her own family drama that could rival a daytime soap opera, isn’t exactly on speed dial with her dear old dad, Thomas Markle, or her step-sister Samantha Markle. Meanwhile, Harry’s been out of sight, out of mind for his own family, too. But as Meghan hobnobs with Hollywood’s glitterati, Harry’s over there thinking, “Jolly good, I really do miss the UK!”


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