Influencer Asia Jackson Opens Up About Amy Schumer’s Harassment Regarding Israel-Palestine War

In the wild world of social media, we witnessed a clash of titans, or should we say titanic comedians. Amy Schumer, our resident funny lady, found herself in hot water, not the funny kind though, more like a hot tub filled with controversy.

Meet Asia Jackson, a talented actress and content creator, who’s been more supportive of Israel and the Jewish community than a giant matzo ball at a Jewish wedding. You see, there was this whole Israel-Hamas war thing going on, and Amy decided to wade into these turbulent waters with a post that was more insensitive than a cactus in your bed.

In an attempt at humor, Amy shared a photo of protesters holding signs that read “Gazans rape Jewish girls only in self-defense” and “Proud of our rapist martyrs.” Now, I’m no expert, but that’s definitely not the kind of comedy you want to bring to your next open mic night.

Asia, not one to shy away from a little Twitter tiff, decided to respond indirectly with a zinger that could rival a stand-up punchline. She basically said, “Hey, isn’t it crazy how the Hadid sisters tip-toed around their statements, but Amy Schumer’s over here like ‘Gazans are rapists’ and she’s still got a career?!”

That led to a heated DM exchange that was hotter than a chili pepper dipped in hot sauce. Amy pulled out the “antisemitic” card, and Asia defended herself like a champ. It’s like a game of poker where one person plays their “You’re wrong” card and the other counters with “I’m not, but you are.”

In her “final thoughts” TikTok video, Asia spilled the tea on the whole feud. She started by saying, “Amy Schumer harassed me on Instagram.” Now, that’s a strange way to show appreciation, Amy. Asia explained that she’s not the only one criticizing Amy’s posts; there are plenty of people with bigger platforms doing the same. But hey, Amy chose Asia that day, and boy, did she choose wrong!

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The most mind-boggling part of the whole thing was Amy accusing Asia of being antisemitic. Asia was like, “Hold up, sister, I know my stuff!” She’s well-read and has been invited to speak at universities. In other words, don’t underestimate someone just because they’re into fashion. We’re living in the 21st century!

Asia left us with some words of wisdom. She reminded us that we need to be responsible with our platforms and think before we hit that ‘post’ button. In other words, don’t be a hateful-ass b-word. Life’s too short for that kind of nonsense!

Stay tuned for the next episode of “Social Media Smackdowns”!


Some final thoughts.

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