Sharon Osbourne Calls The Facelift She Got in 2021 “The Worst Thing”

Sharon Osbourne is taking a comedic stroll down the botched boulevard of her most recent plastic surgery adventure.

The 71-year-old spilled the tea on her latest facelift, a daring escapade she embarked on in October 2021, marking her third entry into the world of nip, tuck, and “what the heck happened.”

In her 2013 autobiography, the tell-all titled Unbreakable, Sharon spilled the beans about her plastic surgeries in 1987 and 2002. Fast forward to 2021, and it seems like her face decided to take another rollercoaster ride, but this time, it left her less than impressed.

In a tell-it-like-it-is moment, Sharon exclaimed, “That was the worst thing that I ever did. I looked like Cyclops. I had one eye here and one eye there, and my mouth was doing the hokey-pokey. It was all skewwhiff, and then I had to wait for that mess to heal before I could go back and have it corrected. Talk about a facepalm moment!”

Sharon’s horror story continued into 2022, where she described the aftermath of her facelift as, “I looked like one of those freaking mummies that they wrap [with bandages]. It hurt like hell. You have no idea. I was walking around like the Invisible Woman’s less glamorous cousin for weeks.”

In an April revelation to The Sun, Sharon declared, with a hint of panic in her voice, that she’s waving the white flag in the plastic surgery battle. “That one put me off, and it frightens me. I really pushed it with the last facelift, and I am now like, no more. My face has seen enough adventures, thank you very much. It’s time to retire the scalpel and let the laugh lines have their moment in the spotlight. Who needs plastic perfection when you can have a face that tells a hilarious story?” Sharon quipped, probably with a wink and a smile that hasn’t been tampered with by a surgeon lately.

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Sharon Osbourne Calls The Facelift She Got in 2021 “The Worst Thing”


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