Simu Liu Performs ‘I’m Just Ken’ From ‘Barbie’ Live

Simu Liu is unleashing his inner Ken, and trust me, it’s more fabulous than a disco-dancing unicorn! The 34-year-old sensation not only graced Greta Gerwig’s Barbie extravaganza, the movie that’s making more bank than a Monopoly tournament, but he also hit the stage at The Hotel Cafe in LA like a Ken on a mission.

Picture this: Simu, the maestro of Kens, belting out “I’m Just Ken,” the anthem that even Ryan Gosling would swap his cereal for. In a YouTube spectacle that will leave you questioning the meaning of life, Simu, with a sparkle in his eye and a twirl in his imaginary Ken hair, rallied the audience like a modern-day Ken guru.

“Repeat after me: I. Am. Kenough,” he declared, sending shockwaves of Ken-lichtenment through the crowd. “Ready to feel the Kenergy? Let’s do this. You are Kenough! You are Kenough!”

In case you missed the spectacle of a lifetime, fear not! Simu took to Instagram, flaunting evidence of his Ken-tastic exploits – photos and videos capturing the essence of a night that would make Barbie herself green with envy.

Captioning the post like the Ken-commander he is, Simu spilled the Ken-beans: “What a joy to serenade, chuckle, and Ken around with the (sold-out!) crowd at the hotel cafe. To everyone who snagged a ticket and joined the Kenvolution, you’re now part of a core memory – the kind that makes my dreams do the Macarena! A massive shoutout to the unsung heroes who made this Ken-derful night possible. You know who you are, and trust me, my gratitude is deeper than Ken’s love for his mirror. Thank you all, you ARE Kenough, and let’s hit rewind in the new year – because life’s too short not to Ken it up!” 🎤🕺 #KenEnoughOrElse

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