Matthew Perry Was Sober For 19 Months Before Death

Buckle up for the wild ride that is the latest scoop on Matthew Perry’s unexpected exit from the stage of life.

So, drumroll, please! The revelation is out, and apparently, Matthew Perry didn’t kick the bucket from a game of Monopoly gone wrong or a fierce battle with a pack of rogue squirrels. No, no! According to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office, it was the “acute effects of ketamine” that did our beloved Friends star in.

Now, hold onto your Central Perk mugs because there’s more. The autopsy report spilled the tea that Matthew had been on the straight and narrow for a whopping 19 months before the curtain call. We’re talking cleaner than Monica’s obsessively organized kitchen here.

But here’s the plot twist – our man Matthew had taken a dive into ketamine infusion therapy for his blues and worries just a week and a half before his grand finale. The coroner, however, played detective and ruled out the possibility that the ketamine in his system was from the therapy session. Why, you ask? Because ketamine’s half-life is quicker than Joey running to grab the last slice of pizza – 3 to 4 hours, or less!

Picture this: Matthew, in his jacuzzi, probably dreaming of a Central Perk reunion or rehearsing his iconic Chandler one-liners, when, alas, he bid farewell to the sitcom of life on October 28 at the age of 54.

A Friends farewell with a dash of unexpected drama and a sprinkle of ketamine-infused mystery. Could we BE any more bewildered?

Matthew Perry Was Sober For 19 Months Before Death
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