Susan Noles From ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Talks About Comparisons to Kris Jenner

In a world where reality TV shows sparkle brighter than a disco ball at a unicorn’s birthday party, we’ve got a tale of one Susan Noles, a wedding officiant hailing from the magical land of Pennsylvania. Susan, our star of the show, isn’t just any officiant; she’s the Kris Jenner doppelganger extraordinaire! It’s like Susan woke up one day and decided, “You know what? I want to be the spitting image of the Kardashian-Jenner matriarch,” and voila, mission accomplished!

Last week on the hit show, “The Golden Bachelor,” Susan got the boot right before the hometown dates. Imagine the shock on the faces of the townsfolk when they realized they’d be missing out on a golden opportunity to meet the long-lost Kardashian cousin. Bummer, right?

But the real twist is that Susan has been rocking the Kris Jenner look long before Kris was a household name. People can’t help but spot Susan and do a double-take, exclaiming, “Hey, did anybody ever tell you that you look like Kris Jenner?” It’s like her own personal theme song, following her from Italy to the Bahamas, and even to the glamorous gas station! Who knew fuel stops could be so star-studded?

Susan, though, isn’t running away from her newfound fame as the Kris Jenner doppelganger. Oh no, she’s embracing it like a long-lost Kardashian herself! In fact, she’s so cool with the comparison that she’s practically begging for a lunch date with Kris. “I’d love to have lunch with her and just pick her brain a little bit,” Susan exclaims. “I think she’s a very intelligent woman, and I admire her.” Susan’s admiration for Kris is so deep that she’s been sporting the signature short, dark hair for ages, possibly even before Kris decided to conquer the world.

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Who knows, maybe one day she’ll be sipping lattes with Kris herself, and we’ll all wonder, “Did anybody ever tell you that you two look like sisters?” Stay tuned for the next episode of “The Golden Bachelor,” where you might just find another celebrity doppelganger. Until then, keep rockin’ those iconic hairstyles, Susan!

Susan Noles From ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Talks About Comparisons to Kris Jenner


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