Forbes Crowning Bad Bunny the ‘King of Pop’ Ruffles a Few Feathers

Guess who’s making waves in the music scene and snagging more titles than a medieval monarch? None other than Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican sensation who’s been crowned the “king of reggaeton,” “king of streaming,” and hold your horses, the new “King of Pop” according to Forbes. Move over, MJ, there’s a new bunny in town!

Forbes spilled the beans in their latest cover story, hailing Bad Bunny as a musical maestro who’s not just breaking records but smashing them like a pinata at a birthday party. In an interview that probably had more vibes than a tropical beach party, Forbes revealed that this 29-year-old powerhouse has outplayed Taylor Swift in the digital realm. Sorry, Taylor, looks like Bad Bunny’s got the magic touch.

The magazine cheekily declared, “If there is a constant in Bad Bunny, it’s that everything he creates becomes a worldwide hit.” Well, aren’t we all just living in Bad Bunny’s musical kingdom?

But hold on to your sombreros! Bad Bunny isn’t just conquering the digital airwaves; he made history by headlining Coachella, making him the first Latin artist to do so. And get this, he did it all singing in Spanish! Talk about breaking barriers and serenading the world in your mother tongue.

In an ode to his roots, Bad Bunny proudly declared, “Spanish is part of me, it’s part of my DNA. I like, wherever I go, to carry it and speak it. Not because I want to implant it, but because that’s who I am.” Preach, Bunny, preach!

Now, not everyone was ready to throw a fiesta for Bad Bunny’s new title. Some social media users weren’t exactly doing the conga over Forbes dubbing him the “King of Pop.” Michael Jackson fans, understandably protective of the OG king, were like, “Hold up, Forbes, you can’t just toss around the ‘King of Pop’ title like confetti!”

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Social media erupted with a mix of applause and, well, a few virtual eye rolls. Some thought Forbes was being a tad too light-hearted with the whole “King of Pop” affair. But hey, if Bad Bunny’s got the crown, might as well dance to the reggaeton beats, right?

Despite the virtual uproar, Bad Bunny’s loyal fanbase came to the rescue. They showered the bunny with love, celebrating his achievements and proudly declaring him a “pride and inspiration for Latinos.” Move over controversies, Bad Bunny’s got the rhythm, and he’s not afraid to flaunt it – in Spanish, of course!

Forbes Crowning Bad Bunny the ‘King of Pop’ Ruffles a Few Feathers


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