Tyler Perry Comments on Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Children

Tyler Perry spilled the royal tea on Kelly Ripa’s “Let’s Talk Off Camera” podcast, and it was more delightful than a corgi wearing a tiara. Kelly, being the Sherlock Holmes of celebrity gossip, naturally prodded Tyler about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Tyler, having the green light from Harry and Meghan themselves, spilled the beans about how he became their fairy godparent in the chaos of the royal exit.

Tyler started the saga with a note that probably read, “Dear Harry and Meghan, if you need an escape, my mansion is bigger than Buckingham Palace – no shade. Love, Tyler.” Meghan, being the duchess with the mostess, eventually gave him a ring, treating him like a therapist in a session where the couch is probably more comfortable than your average royal throne.

According to Tyler, the royal duo camped out in his $18 million Beverly Hills castle, and every day he checked the internet to make sure the paparazzi hadn’t cracked the code to his royal hideaway. Weeks passed, and the paparazzi were clueless. It was like Harry and Meghan were playing hide and seek with the tabloids, and Tyler was the master of disguise.

In the podcast, Tyler affectionately referred to baby Lilibet as “Little Lili,” because let’s face it, a royal goddaughter deserves a cool nickname. He showered praise on the Sussexes for making beautiful babies, and we can only imagine Archie and Lili exchanging royal giggles and practicing their royal waves.

But here’s the real gem in this story – Tyler Perry, the guardian angel in this celebrity soap opera, didn’t ask for anything in return. No royal favors, no signed headshots, just pure, unadulterated kindness. In a world where everything seems transactional, especially in Harry’s former royal playground, Tyler’s generosity must have hit the prince like a plot twist in a Shakespearean drama.

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So, kudos to Tyler Perry for being the nonchalant hero we didn’t know we needed, turning royal drama into a comedy fit for a Hollywood blockbuster. Because in Tyler’s world, even palace intrigue gets a dose of laughter.


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