Kim Kardashian Wants Her Kids to Do Whatever Makes Them Happy

Kim Kardashian, the mastermind behind contouring and the queen of reality TV, is on a quest for her kids’ destiny, and no, it’s not another episode of Keeping Up with the Kiddos. In the latest edition of Mavericks with Mav Carter, our favorite Kardashian spilled the beans on her grand plans for the next generation of mini-Kims.

At a ripe age of 43 (in Hollywood years, that’s like 25 and holding), Kim got real about her empire and whether she’s expecting North, 10, Saint, 8, Chicago, 5, and Psalm, 4, to inherit the Kardashian business genes. Spoiler alert: not necessarily!

When asked if she’s going full “momager” a la Kris Jenner, Kim shrugged off the idea like it was last season’s fashion. “I want them to do whatever makes them happy,” she confessed to the CEO of SpringHill Company, as if happiness were the latest accessory.

Already equipped with Kardashian-level intuition, Kim claimed she could sense the vibes of her eldest duo. “I already see what they’re into, and I’m soaking up the creative energy from them. I can kinda tell where my two older ones are going,” she spilled. “North, for sure, feels like a creative. Saint feels like a creative.” In case you didn’t catch that, they’re feeling the creative vibes.

But hold up, it’s too early to predict the career paths of the tiny tots, Chicago and Psalm. According to Kim, little Psalm dreams of a life on the open road, and it’s not for the fame or the paparazzi—nope, he just wants to be a truck driver. “That’s been his Halloween costume for like three years,” Kim chuckled. Move over, Hollywood dreams, we’ve got a trucker in the making!

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With four kids in the Kardashian-West dynasty, it’s a wild ride. Chicago, the youngest of the crew, has already earned her title as “just a princess.” Kim, unsure if this is a premonition or just a phase, is keeping us on the edge of our seats. “But I definitely see it in North,” Kim declared with all the drama of a reality TV cliffhanger. “I won’t ever push her to do anything. It’s whatever she finds her passion in. It’s more about what she cares about.”

Kim K, the mom who’s raising a creative bunch with dreams ranging from truck driving to princesshood. Who needs a scripted show when you’ve got the Kardashian kiddos charting their own hilarious and unpredictable path? Stay tuned for the next episode of The Little Mavericks of Calabasas!


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