Selena Gomez Gets a New Ring as Tribute to Boyfriend Benny Blanco

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco just unleashed the relationship bomb of the century, and we’ve got the juicy deets served with a side of laughter.

In a plot twist that could rival a telenovela, the 31-year-old “Single Soon” sensation spilled the beans on her romance with the 35-year-old maestro behind hits like “Eastside,” Benny Blanco. Drumroll, please!

Breaking the news with a pic of the dynamic duo, Selena labeled Benny as her “absolutely everything,” leaving fans scrambling for their detective hats after some suspicious Instagram posts.

As the gossip gears cranked into overdrive, an insider spilled the beans on the duration of Selena and Benny’s secret rendezvous. Brace yourselves, people.

“Selena and Benny have been engaging in a casual love tango for a while now, and recently, they decided to slap the official label on it,” spilled an unnamed source to ET. “Things are going swimmingly between them, and Selena is over the moon. She finds Benny hilarious and, naturally, insanely talented.”

The saga continues with Selena unveiling what seems to be a lovey-dovey tribute to her new man.

“Selena and Benny are riding the wave of romance, and she decided to give a little nod to her beau,” our secret informant continued. “She’s in her happy place, content and as relaxed as a cat in a sunbeam. Life is good, and she’s savoring every moment.”

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more adorable, Selena sprinkled a hint on her Instagram story—a dazzling snapshot of a “B” ring gleaming on her finger. It’s like a modern-day fairytale! Our queen subtly confirming that this love story has been brewing for a solid six months.

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So, grab your popcorn and buckle up, because the Selena and Benny love train is rolling full steam ahead, and we’re all aboard for this laugh-out-loud romantic escapade!

Seelna Gomez Gets a New Ring as Tribute to Boyfriend Benny Blanco


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