Prince Harry Dubbed “The Duke of Hazard” by Princess Diana’s Most Trusted Aide Ken Wharfe

The hottest royal sensation is in town, and he’s not sporting a crown; instead, he’s got a snazzy new title courtesy of Princess Diana’s trusty aide, Ken Wharfe. Brace yourselves for the one and only “Duke of Hazard” – yes, you heard it right!

In the latest episode of the royal sitcom, our dear Prince Harry is entangled in a security battle that rivals the drama of a high-stakes poker game. Ken Wharfe, the man with the royal lowdown, is urging our adventurous Duke to put down his battle sword and accept the government’s limited protection package. But does he listen? No siree!

According to the script penned by Wharfe for the Independent, our hero Harry has truly embraced the role of “Duke of Hazard.” Forget the tiaras and tea parties; this Duke is making headlines with appearances on Oprah, penning memoirs titled ‘Spare,’ and staging an ongoing courtroom spectacle that could rival any Shakespearean drama.

Wharfe reminisces about the good old days, back in November 1993, when Princess Di sought his sage advice at Kensington Palace. “Don’t ditch the security,” he pleaded, foreseeing the royal storm ahead. Alas, his wisdom fell on deaf ears, and we all know how that turned out – media frenzy, paparazzi galore, and a tragic accident in Paris.

Now, here’s the punchline: Harry, the prodigal Duke, is whining up a storm, and the poor Brits are counting their pennies as he drags his security battle through the hallowed halls of the High Court. Ken’s not shy about calling it as he sees it – a royal ruckus that’s costing the taxpayers a small fortune.

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But fear not, for Wharfe’s got a golden nugget of advice for our Duke of Hazard: “Accept the limited protection, mate! Work hand in hand with the government’s security while you jet-set between LA and the UK. It’s like having your cake and eating it too – or in royal terms, having your crown and wearing it on your Netflix special.”

So, dear readers, as we await the next episode of “The Duke of Hazard Chronicles,” let’s hope Prince Harry takes a cue from the sitcom playbook and decides to trade the courtroom theatrics for a bit of laughter, love, and maybe a tad more sensible security arrangement. After all, who said being a royal had to be all tiptoeing through the tulips? It’s more like dodging hazards in the royal garden!


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