Lizzo Looks Stylish Heading to Mr. Chow Dinner in Beverly Hills

Guess who’s on the prowl for a good time? None other than the fabulous Lizzo!

The 35-year-old “About Damn Time” maestro was practically radiating joy as she strutted into Mr. Chow’s den of culinary delights for a night of feasting with her entourage on Saturday night (December 23) in glamorous Beverly Hills, California.

Decked out for a night on the town, Lizzo rocked the perfect blend of chic and comfy in an oversized pink sweater-dress that probably had other outfits questioning their life choices. And let’s not forget those feathered heels, because who said comfort and glamour can’t be BFFs?

Now, Lizzo’s been keeping a low profile lately, taking a break from the limelight. Why, you ask? Well, it seems like she’s been involved in a dance-off of sorts, but not the fun kind. Some former dance partners decided to hit her with a lawsuit, claiming they had to endure everything from unwanted advances to fat-shaming, creating a work environment that was about as friendly as a cactus in a hug competition. Talk about dance drama!

Lizzo Looks Stylish Heading to Mr. Chow Dinner in Beverly Hills
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