Lady Gaga to Play ‘Fortnite Festival’ Concert

Get ready to strap on your virtual dancing shoes because Lady Gaga is about to teleport fans back to ‘Chromatica’ through the wacky world of Fortnite!

In a move that’s as unexpected as finding a sock in your cereal bowl, the one and only Mother Monster has just announced that she’ll be headlining the Fortnite Festival on February 22. Gaga is stepping into the virtual realm to bless our ears with some out-of-this-world tunes.

With a twinkle in her eye and a hint of mischief, Gaga gleefully shared the news while simultaneously throwing some shade at a spelling blunder from way back in 2019. Talk about being fashionably late to the party!

Now, if you think Gaga’s the first big name to grace the Fortnite stage, think again! The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Travis Scott have all strutted their stuff in the digital domain before her. But let’s be real, Gaga’s about to take it to a whole new level of fabulousness.

While details are as scarce as a unicorn in Manhattan, keen-eyed fans couldn’t help but notice the Fortnite logo chilling out in the vibrant world of Gaga’s ‘Chromatica’ album art. It’s like peanut butter and jelly coming together in perfect harmony, only with more sparkles and neon lights.

And if that wasn’t enough to get your disco ball spinning, Gaga’s also been dropping hints about new music faster than you can say “gaga for Gaga.” Plus, she’s gearing up to unleash her inner Harley Quinn in ‘Joker: Folie à Deux’, premiering globally on October 4. Is there anything this woman can’t do?

So, buckle up, little monsters, because Lady Gaga’s about to take us on a wild ride through Fortnite like we’ve never seen before. And remember, when in doubt, just dance!


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