Karlie Kloss Opens Up About Her Fitness Routine Since Giving Birth

Karlie Kloss, the fabulous model extraordinaire and newly crowned mom of two, spilled the beans on her post-baby bod just four months after little Elijah made his grand entrance into the world. She’s juggling motherhood like a pro and still managing to look like a supermodel – we couldn’t even pull that off with a bag of potato chips!

Karlie, who’s a ripe old 31, gave birth to her adorable son in July, and now she’s on a quest for “self-compassion.” That’s right, folks, she’s embarked on a self-love journey for her incredible baby-making body.

In an interview, she shared her inner monologue with us: “I had a chat with myself because, sure, I want to keep in shape, but I also need to give my body credit for creating a tiny human. It’s like a superhero origin story, but with stretch marks and midnight feedings.”

She also got candid about her diet, revealing her Midwestern roots as a die-hard carb enthusiast. “I come from a place where a salad was a myth until I was 20. I eat what I want, but now I try to be in tune with my body, even if my cravings have gone haywire. I just do my best to nap, recharge, and refuel, even if that means a few extra cookies.”

When it comes to her fitness routine, she’s all about efficiency. “I’ve shifted my philosophy to focus on attainable strength. So, light weights and bodyweight exercises are my jam. Plus, I’m constantly on the move, and who has time to find a gym when you’re a jet-setting mom of two? I like workouts that I can do anywhere, and I sneak them in first thing in the morning – before the kids wake up and chaos ensues.”

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And let’s not forget the grand reveal of her major post-pregnancy mission: posture correction! “After being pregnant for nine months, my posture went from runway-ready to Quasimodo chic. Now, I’m like a newborn giraffe, trying to figure out how my body works and straighten myself out.”

Karlie Kloss, the carb-loving, self-compassion-seeking, jet-setting, posture-fixing mom of two. She’s just like the rest of us, except she manages to make it all look ridiculously glamorous. You go, Karlie!


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