How Brad Pitt Celebrated His Birthday With Girlfriend Ines de Ramon

Guess who just hit the big 6-0? None other than our forever crush, Brad Pitt! And oh boy, did he throw a birthday bash that would make even the most epic Hollywood parties jealous.

So, picture this: Brad, the man of the hour, celebrated his grand entrance into the six-decade club at Mother Wolf in the heart of Los Angeles. And what was he wearing, you ask? A shirt that screamed, “I’m fabulous at 60!” with a bold, yellow graphic print. Move over, fashion police โ€“ Brad’s in the house!

But wait, the party doesn’t stop there! Ines de Ramon, Brad’s lucky lady, also just celebrated her birthday. Talk about a power couple! Ines, who gracefully turned 34, strutted into the soiree in a sleeveless dress paired with dark tights and a matching scarf. Classy, right?

Now, picture this visual feast: Ines, balloon in hand, looking as fabulous as Brad in his funky shirt. And as if that wasn’t enough, there’s a party-goer parading around with a snapshot of the couple making cheeky faces for the camera. Move over, Instagram models โ€“ Brines (that’s Brad and Ines, obviously) are here to steal the show!

With an intimate guest list of close friends, Brad’s birthday bash was the talk of the town. Hollywood, eat your heart out! Cheers to Brad and Ines for proving that age is just a number, and so is the hilarity of a good birthday bash!

How Brad Pitt Celebrated His Birthday With Girlfriend Ines de Ramon
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