‘Chicago Fire’s Eamonn Walker Is Departing After 12 Seasons

Eamonn Walker is strolling into the sunset, but fear not, he’s not being dragged off kicking and screaming, at least not on-screen. After a whopping 12 seasons as Wallace Boden, the rock-solid pillar of the original Chicago Fire crew, Walker is bidding adieu to the NBC juggernaut, as per Deadline.

But hold your tears! This isn’t a tragic demise à la Shakespeare. Nope, Walker’s departure was more of a personal choice, according to the grapevine. Rumor has it, Boden isn’t meeting his maker anytime soon, and Walker might just pop back into our screens like that pesky neighbor who always forgets to return your lawnmower—expect him to make sporadic cameos in the future.

For those clutching their hearts and wondering what in the blazing inferno is going on with Boden, fear not! The Season 12 finale, aptly titled “Never Say Goodbye,” promises to dish out the deets on our beloved captain’s future endeavors. Catch it on May 22, and be prepared for some serious emotional rollercoaster rides.

Now, onto the juicy bits of what’s in store: Boden’s pulling a move that could shake up the race for Deputy Commissioner. Meanwhile, brace yourselves for a cringe-worthy phone call that dredges up enough emotional baggage to fill the Grand Canyon for Carver and Damon. And hey, let’s not forget poor Mouch, who’s struggling to find his footing in the brave new world of the Truck.

Boden started his journey as the head honcho of Battalion 25, eventually leveling up to Deputy District Chief by Season 10. Now, he’s gunning for the Deputy Fire Commissioner spot. Talk about climbing the corporate ladder—this guy’s practically scaling Everest in a firefighter’s suit!

Eamonn Walker might be walking away, but his legacy as Boden will forever be etched in the annals of Chicago Fire history. Let’s raise a toast to the man who kept our hearts warm and our TV screens ablaze for over a decade! Cheers to you, Captain Boden!

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