‘Endgame’ Claims Kate Middleton Never Liked Meghan Markle From the Start

In the latest episode of “Keeping Up with the Crowns,” it’s spilled tea time, and rumor has it that Kate Middleton gave Meghan Markle the cold shoulder, colder than a polar bear’s picnic.

According to the tell-all masterpiece ‘Endgame’ by Omid Scobie, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns in the land of tiaras and tea parties. Apparently, Kate and Meghan were as different as a corgi and a flamingo at a dance-off. Picture this: two middle-class mavens thrust into the regal rollercoaster of Windsor life. One would think they’d bond over the shared experience, but nope, not these two.

In his literary pièce de résistance released on a fateful Tuesday, Scobie spilled the Earl Grey on the royal rift. The author sympathetically dishes out the deets, revealing Meghan’s lonely and isolated royal rollercoaster ride. She probably hoped Kate would toss her a lifeline, but alas, the Duchess of Cambridge had her tiara tilted the other way.

“They were once both outsiders, middle-class women brought into the house of Windsor for unimaginably different lives. Kate, however, was uninterested in forming this kind of bond with Meghan,” Scobie writes, as if the royal tea was seasoned with sass.

According to the royal gossip grapevine, Kate can be as cold as an ice sculpture at a winter ball if she doesn’t fancy someone. Word on the Buckingham streets is that she “wasn’t a fan” of Meghan. Ouch! If walls could talk, they’d probably spill more tea than a clumsy waiter at a royal garden party.

It seems Kate preferred talking about Meghan rather than talking to her. Now, that’s a classic move right out of the royal playbook! In fact, sources reveal that Kate even pulled a “jokingly shivered” routine whenever Meghan’s name popped up. Cold, Kate, cold!

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In the not-so-distant past, Kate and Harry had a bond as tight as a corset at a ball, but Scobie suggests that ship has sailed faster than the Queen’s corgis chasing after a biscuit. Quoting an insider, the author spills, “She was closest to Harry, and she will always look back fondling on those moments… and the relationship he had with their children… but to her, there is no way she could ever trust them after all their interviews.”

A royal saga more tangled than a plate of spaghetti at Buckingham Palace. Grab your popcorn, because this drama is fit for a Netflix series!

‘Endgame’ Claims Kate Middleton Never Liked Meghan Markle From the Offset


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