Mel B Stands Behind Calling James Corden The ‘Biggest D–khead Celebrity’

Well, hold on to your zig-a-zig-ahs, because Mel B is still waving her “Biggest D–khead Celebrity” flag, and guess who’s dancing under it? Yep, none other than James Corden – the man who might need more than a carpool karaoke to sing his way out of this one.

Our favorite Spice Girl, who’s not afraid to spice up her life with a dash of controversy, had another round of tea-spilling on the Late Night Lycett. Armed with a Spice Girls quiz hotter than a jalapeño, Mel was asked, “Which Spice Girl labeled James Corden as the ‘biggest d***head celebrity’?” Drumroll, please! Without missing a beat, Mel shot her hand up faster than you can say “zig-a-zig-ah” and proudly declared, “Me!”

Now, we don’t know if James is secretly practicing his Wannabe dance moves in front of the mirror or if he’s contemplating a Spice Girls-themed carpool karaoke to win Mel’s heart back. But one thing’s for sure – Mel B isn’t backing down, and the “biggest d–khead” crown remains firmly on James’s head. Somebody pass the popcorn; this celebrity feud just got spicier than a curry on fire!

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