‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ is Coming to an End

Hold onto your laughter, because the heartwarming love story of Bob and Abishola is wrapping up faster than you can say “relationship goals.” CBS has decided to pull the plug on the delightful sitcom “Bob Hearts Abishola,” leaving fans both heartbroken and questioning the meaning of life without their weekly dose of quirky charm.

In a shocking twist, the final season is set to hit our screens on February 12, 2024, making Valentine’s Day that much more unbearable for fans who were hoping for a different kind of heartbreak. The comedy rollercoaster will then come to a screeching halt on May 13, 2024, leaving us to wonder if our lives will ever be the same again.

Amy Reisenbach, the big cheese at CBS Entertainment, couldn’t help but gush about the show, declaring, “We are so proud to call ‘Bob Hearts Abishola’ a CBS comedy as it helped establish a new generation of programming at the Network.” Well, Amy, we’re proud to call it a comedy too, especially when we’re in desperate need of a good laugh.

She continued, singing praises like a comedy maestro, “This series expertly showcased a family love story and workplace comedy about the immigrant experience with heartfelt humor and emotion while also authentically portraying Nigerian culture.” Who knew sitcoms could be so cultured? Move over, Shakespeare, because Chuck Lorre and the gang are here to school us on the art of love, laughter, and Nigerian nuances.

“It’s a testament to the incomparable Chuck Lorre, the amazing creative team led by Al Higgins, Gina Yashere, and Matt Ross, and the talents of Billy Gardell, Folake Olowofoyeku, and the entire cast for making this show and its characters come to life and resonate with viewers,” Amy continued, probably doing a victory dance in her office.

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But fear not, because CBS is planning a grand celebration to send off “Bob Hearts Abishola” with a bang. They promise to shower us with the most amazing episodes to remember the show by. Get ready for laughter, tears, and possibly some existential crises as we bid farewell to one of the quirkiest TV couples ever to grace our screens. It’s been real, Bob and Abishola. Thanks for the laughs, and may your reruns be forever in our hearts.


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