Anne Hathaway Suffers a Wardrobe Malfunction at The Fashion Awards

Anne Hathaway just danced with a wardrobe malfunction like a seasoned pro!

The Les Misérables sensation, who’s gracefully aging like a fine wine at 41, made a jaw-dropping appearance at The 2023 Fashion Awards in London on Monday (December 4). Picture this: Anne strutting down the red carpet in a Valentino gown that had everyone collectively gasping.

Our heroine, Anne, narrowly escaped a dress debacle that could’ve been more disastrous than forgetting to set your morning alarm. In a video shared by WWD, witness the high-stakes moment as Anne, in the midst of striking poses for the paparazzi, casually pivots like a seasoned salsa dancer to tackle a rebellious neckline.

If that doesn’t earn her an honorary black belt in fashion ninja skills, we don’t know what does! Bravo, Anne Hathaway, for turning a potential wardrobe malfunction into a red carpet spectacle. This isn’t just Les Misérables; it’s Les Magnifiques!

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