BLACKPINK Renew Their Contract With YG Entertainment

Guess what? BLACKPINK is not playing hide-and-seek with YG Entertainment anymore โ€“ they’re sticking around like glue!

After what felt like a gazillion years of negotiations (okay, maybe not a gazillion, but definitely a lot), the K-pop powerhouse and the entertainment bigwigs finally sealed the deal on Wednesday (December 6).

In a statement that probably deserves an Oscar for the most dramatic announcement ever, the company spilled the beans, saying, “Hold your horses! We’ve cracked the code! We’re thrilled to announce that the unstoppable quartet, BLACKPINK, has officially signed on the dotted line. Our esteemed artists are here to stay!”

And can we take a moment to appreciate the fact that their previous contracts decided to call it quits back in August? Talk about a summer breakup. But fear not, because BLACKPINK is like that cool ex who realizes they made a mistake and comes back begging for a second chance.

Now, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. While the group is locked and loaded for more collective mischief, the individual contracts for each member are still chilling in negotiation limbo. It’s like the members are waiting for the universe to send them a sign, or maybe just a truckload of snacks to fuel those negotiations. Who needs lawyers when you can have snacks, right?

BLACKPINK and YG Entertainment are officially a package deal, ready to unleash more bops and break the internet. As for those individual contracts, well, let’s hope they come to an agreement before someone suggests settling it with a game of rock-paper-scissors. After all, who wouldn’t want to see Jisoo throw down some serious rock action?

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