Whoopi Goldberg Claims ‘The View’ Has Gone Too “Woke” And Says She “Liked It Before”

Whoopi Goldberg, the queen of sass and wit, took a jaunt down memory lane to ponder her stint as one of “The View” co-hosts. In a sit-down chat with Chris Wallace on “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace” (because apparently, everyone’s talking to Chris Wallace), our beloved TV personality and actress spilled the tea, confessing that her love for the talk show has dwindled faster than a chocolate stash at a kid’s birthday party.

“I used to dig it more, you know,” Whoopi quipped, her eyes betraying a hint of nostalgia. “Back in the day, folks weren’t so quick to assume you were brewing up a cauldron of nastiness with your words. You could say something, and someone might chime in with a ‘Hold up, that ain’t quite right,’ and you could actually hash it out like civilized beings.”

The EGOT powerhouse lamented further, “But oh no, not anymore! Now, it’s like stepping into a verbal minefield. Say one thing, and suddenly you’re labeled as the villain of the century! It’s enough to make you want to trade in your mic for a muzzle!”

And when asked if there were specific gripes rustling her feathers, Whoopi, ever the master of mystery, replied with a grin, “Oh, if I spill the beans, it’s gonna be your problem, not mine!”

Although Whoopi didn’t drop names like they were hot potatoes, she did tiptoe around the elephant in the room: her infamous 2022 Holocaust blunder. Yep, remember that time she landed in hot water faster than a tea bag in boiling water? She got temporarily benched from “The View” after dropping the “Holocaust wasn’t about race” bomb during a live broadcast.

In a whirlwind of damage control, Whoopi whipped out her apology cape, declaring, “I’m still on the learning curve! Every critique, every eye-roll, I’ve taken it to heart. Trust me, I now know the Holocaust wasn’t just some casual stroll in the park. I’m sorry for the chaos I caused. And hey, I’m not recycling my blunders here! Pinky promise!”

Amidst rising tides of sensitivity and controversy, Whoopi pledges her allegiance to Team Jewish, making it clear she’s got their back like a really supportive, albeit occasionally misguided, friend.

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