Ed Westwick Discusses Playing Chuck Bass Again

Picture this: Ed Westwick, the suave Chuck Bass himself, recently took a trip down memory lane to revisit his days as the brooding heartthrob on Gossip Girl. Yep, the show that had us all questioning if high school drama was secretly ruling the Upper East Side.

Now, Ed, who’s gracefully reached the age of 36, spilled the beans during a chat about the possibility of dusting off Chuck’s tailored suits for a reboot. Alongside the OG crew of Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and Penn Badgley, Ed left his mark on the teen drama scene over a decade ago.

But would he be game for a reunion in the land of scandalous secrets and impossibly chic wardrobes? Oh, you betcha!

In an interview on an iHeartRadio podcast, Ed confessed his fascination with the show’s impact. “I mean, seriously, who knew scheming teenagers could be such a cultural phenomenon?” he pondered, probably while sipping on some fancy tea.

And the burning question: Would he make a comeback if given the chance? Drumroll, please… *insert dramatic pause*… he’s totally down for it! Cue the fan frenzy!

But before you start planning Chuck Bass-themed parties, Ed swiftly threw a bucket of cold water on our dreams. “Let’s be real,” he sighed. “As much as I’d love to see Chuck’s smoldering gaze grace our screens again, it’s about as likely as finding a unicorn in Central Park.”

Yep, it’s a hard no from the powers that be. Sorry to burst your bubble. But fear not, for Chuck Bass will forever live on in our hearts… and in the GIFs we spam our group chats with.

So, while we may never get that reboot we’re desperately craving, let’s raise a glass (preferably of something fancy) to the good ol’ days of Gossip Girl. XOXO, Ed Westwick, out.


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