Rita Ora Sports a Shocking Prosthetic Spine to The Fashion Awards

Rita Ora rocked the fashion scene at The 2023 Fashion Awards with a look that screamed, “Move over, ordinary!”

Strutting down the red carpet in London on Monday (December 4), the 33-year-old singer, accompanied by her partner-in-crime Taika Waititi, sported a Primark gown that was, let’s say, as black as her coffee on a Monday morning. But wait for it, the pièce de résistance wasn’t on the dress – it was on her back, stealing the spotlight like it was auditioning for a talent show!

Behold, attached to her bare back was a spine that could put a disco ball to shame – a glistening prosthetic spine made of silver chrome spikes. Because who needs a plain old backbone when you can have a metallic marvel supporting you, right?

Rita, always the showstopper, took to Instagram to spill the beans on her avant-garde ensemble, treating us to a behind-the-scenes video of the spine-tingling process. She reminisced about last year’s prosthetic extravaganza on her face, but this time, she proclaimed, “We’re going bigger!”

The singer, with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store, revealed, “It’s gonna take about two, three hours to put on.” Well, isn’t that the kind of commitment we need for our daily lives? Imagine spending that much time just to put on your socks – the world would be a happier place!

And let’s not forget, this isn’t Rita’s first rodeo with prosthetics. Last year, she transformed into a mermaid with a facial prosthetic that would make Ariel herself green with envy.

In her video exposé, the “Lonely Together” sensation spilled the beans on her fashion philosophy: “Basically, we went really simple on the dress because the spine is such a big part of the look.” Ah, the age-old dilemma of choosing between a statement gown and a statement spine. Decisions, decisions!

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Rita Ora, the queen of making fashion choices that make us question our own wardrobe decisions. Who needs a little black dress when you can have a little black dress with a side of cyberpunk chic? We salute you, Rita, for bringing the funny, the fabulous, and the downright futuristic to the fashion forefront!

Rita Ora Sports a Shocking Prosthetic Spine to the Fashion Awards


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