Matthew Perry’s Death Certificate Revealed

Matthew Perry’s death certificate is out, and it’s spilling the tea on his tragic exit from the stage of life. In a plot twist that even Chandler Bing would find surprising, the Friends star, aged 54, bid farewell on a Saturday (because, you know, weekdays are so mainstream).

The official document spills the beans that Matthew’s final act went down at his residence, where he apparently turned his hot tub into a very exclusive VIP lounge. Forget about finding Nemo; they found Matthew.

Hold on to your laugh track, because the “informant” for this real-life sitcom tragedy is none other than his stepfather, the legendary Deadline host Keith Morrison. Move over detective shows, we’ve got a new mystery to solve: who killed the vibe in Matthew Perry’s hot tub?

And for those wondering where Matthew got his final standing ovation, it turns out he’s now a resident of Forest Lawn cemetery in the city of angels, Los Angeles. Who needs Hollywood when you’ve got a cemetery with a name that sounds like a fairytale forest?

Now, in a twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan proud, the cause of Matthew’s grand finale is still TBD, pending a full toxicology report. But fear not, they’ve already done the preliminary drug testing. Forget about Oscars, this is the award for the most suspenseful exit goes to…Matthew Perry!

Matthew Perry’s Death Certificate Revealed
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