America Ferrera Has Mixed Feelings About Oscar Nomination

America Ferrera is on a wild emotional rollercoaster after snagging her first Oscar nomination. The 39-year-old Barbie enthusiast, who rocked the screens in the 2023 Greta Gerwig film, is still trying to decipher her feelings after hearing the big news.

Upon learning about her Best Supporting Actress nod on Tuesday, January 23, Ferrera confessed to experiencing “waves of emotion, disbelief, and overwhelm.” Translation: her emotional compass is doing the cha-cha with disbelief and overwhelm.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ferrera spilled the beans on her surreal experience, saying, “It’s like I’ve stepped into a bizarre alternate reality where Barbies rule the world and Ken is a style icon. It’s a dream come true, but let’s be real, words are failing me right now. I’m so excited; I can’t even adult properly.”

Despite Ferrera’s joy, she sympathizes with Barbie fans who are feeling the snub in crucial categories. Greta Gerwig didn’t make the cut for Best Picture, and the lead actress, Margot Robbie, missed out on a nomination for her dazzling performance. Ferrera acknowledged the bittersweet reality, saying, “It’s like having the best chocolate cake but realizing you’re out of milk. Sweet, but not quite complete.”

Expressing her “sadness and disappointment” to EW, Ferrera didn’t hold back. She threw shade at the Oscar omission of Robbie and Gerwig, championing their phenomenal work. “Those ladies deserve a red carpet of their own for the history they made, the ground they broke, and the stunning artistry they brought to the screen. I mean, come on, Hollywood, give credit where it’s due!”

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Barbie might be the belle of the Oscar ball with eight nominations, but some fans are scratching their heads. Two Best Original Song nods for “I’m Just Ken” and “What Was I Made For?” by Billie Eilish, and even a pat on the back for Ryan Gosling as Best Supporting Actor, but what about the screenplay? Fans argue it’s as original as a unicorn in a tutu, yet Gerwig and her partner in crime, Noah Baumbach, got nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay. Cue the eyebrow raises and collective “huh?”

It seems the Barbie drama is as gripping off-screen as it is on. Will the Oscars be the stage where dreams come true, or will it be the ultimate plot twist?


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