America Ferrera Talks Body Standards in Elle Magazine

America Ferrera, unapologetic crusader against Hollywood’s body standards, recently spilled the beans on her beef with Tinseltown’s ridiculous expectations for women’s bodies. In an interview with Elle, the 39-year-young actress took a sledgehammer to the harmful portrayals of her own body in movies and TV shows.

With a theatrical eye roll at “stereotypical Hollywood,” America didn’t hold back. Reflecting on her days in projects like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, she casually mentioned having what most of us would call an “average figure.” And here’s the kicker – people thought she was curvy. Cue the laughter track. “Not that I care,” she chuckled, “but seriously, it’s nuts that we considered that groundbreaking. I was Hollywood’s version of imperfect, and doesn’t that just sound absolutely bonkers?”

The Barbie star (yes, she’s a Barbie, too) threw in her two cents about the struggles of women just being people in bodies. Brave? Nah, just navigating the world in a fleshy vessel. America wishes for a Hollywood where women and people of color can unleash their true selves without the industry’s nosy interference.

In her own words, “What I’m hoping for my career, and for women and people of color in general, is that we break free from these confining boxes and lanes. We shouldn’t be stuck representing only what the culture expects of us. I mean, can’t I just be more ‘me’ without fitting into anyone’s predetermined mold?”

With a final mic-drop moment, she declared, “I’m yearning to be the truest version of myself, creating art that defies categorization. No more playing by the rules of stereotypical Hollywood. I’m here to shake things up – because why blend in when you can stand out like a glittery unicorn in a herd of plain horses?” America Ferrera, the Hollywood rebel we never knew we needed.

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America Ferrera on Being Called “Curvy”: It’s “Crazy”


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