‘Drag Race’ Star Alaska Slams Lea Michele, Says Lea Ignored Drag Queens at the Grammys

Hold onto your wigs, because Alaska from RuPaul’s Drag Race just spilled the tea, honey, and it’s piping hot! Picture this: the Grammys, 2017 – a place where music royalty collides with fabulous drag queens. Alaska, the glamazon extraordinaire, and her sidekick Katya were there to turn heads and snatch wigs.

Now, let’s talk about Princess Poppy, who strutted into the Emmys looking like a green goblin. Can we just take a moment to appreciate that iconic stunt? Alaska spilled the beans on the latest Race Chaser podcast, and girl, it’s juicy!

According to Alaska, being a drag queen at mainstream award shows is like being the real-life gatecrasher of Hollywood’s glittery facade. Celebrities, sweetie, are terrified of us because we’re the curtain-pullers, the truth-tellers, the ones who say, “Hey, Hollywood, your glam is showing!” We peel back the layers of illusion like it’s a budget wig, and we make it rain shade.

Now, let’s dive into the Lea Michele encounter. Cue the dramatic music, honey!

“People wouldn’t look us in the eye,” Alaska spilled, and you can almost hear the gasps in the background. Lea Michele, the Hollywood royalty, apparently treated Alaska like she was invisible. Forget acknowledging their fabulous existence – Lea was on a whole other level of diva.

And there’s Kris Jenner, hosting the E! carpet, looking like she’d rather be anywhere else. Kris, sweetheart, we feel you – life’s a drag sometimes. But here’s the real kicker: back then, celebrities were more scared of drag queens than they were of a bad hair day.

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Alaska spilled the tea, and we’re here for it. So, next time you see a drag queen strutting her stuff at an award show, remember: we’re not just serving looks; we’re serving a reality check. Werk, queen! 🌈💅


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