Meghan Markle Loses Dior Contract to ‘The Crown’ Actress, is Struggling to Revive Career

Meghan Markle is apparently tap-dancing on the slippery slope of Hollywood fame, trying to stage a comeback after her royal tiff.

Word on the street is the Duchess of Sussex lost out on a primo Dior deal, and the crown (not the royal one, mind you) went to Meg Bellamy, the 21-year-old sensation who channeled young Kate Middleton on Netflix’s The Crown.

Dior, in a surprising move, decided to hitch its luxury wagon to the rising star that is Meg Bellamy. Sources spilled the tea to Closer Magazine, saying, “They’re treating Meg like Kate, an A-list princess. The brands are lining up for her like kids for ice cream.”

Now, the irony here is thicker than a British fog. Meghan, who’s been trading jabs with the real Kate Middleton, finds herself losing a deal to a pretend one. It’s like a plot twist in a soap opera, only it’s happening in real life.

The rift between Meghan and Kate has been brewing since Meghan accused the future queen of making her cry – and not in a good way – just days before her 2021 wedding. The drama has since unfolded faster than a royal scandal on speed.

Reports from the ever-watchful Daily Mail spill the tea that fashion brands are practically throwing themselves at Meg Bellamy. Why? Because she’s playing the most famous woman in the world in a Netflix sensation. It’s like a fashion free-for-all, and Meg is the belle of the ball.

“They’re lining up for Meg like it’s Black Friday at the mall. She might be a total unknown, but she’s being treated like Kate, the queen of the A-list princesses,” an insider spilled, probably with a twinkle in their eye.

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So, while Meghan navigates the Hollywood hustle, Meg Bellamy is donning the imaginary crown and turning heads in the world of make-believe royalty. It’s a royal catfight, and the throne of fashion supremacy is the ultimate prize. Buckle up; this show is just getting started!

Meghan Markle Loses ‘Dior’ Contract to ‘The Crown’ Actress, is Struggling to Revive Career


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