‘Zoey 101’ Star Matthew Underwood Says He Was Sexually Assaulted By His Agent

Matthew Underwood, yeah, the dude from Zoey 101, has decided to break the silence in the most dramatic fashion possible after the release of a documentary series that’s got more twists and turns than a rollercoaster at Disneyland.

So, there’s this docu-series, right? It’s called Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV. Sounds like the title of a horror movie, doesn’t it? Well, it might as well be, because it’s got all the spookiness you’d expect from a haunted house, except instead of ghosts, it’s filled with former child stars and their tales of woe.

Now, one of the big shots who decided to spill the beans was none other than Drake Bell. Yep, the guy who used to hang out with Josh on TV. Turns out, he dropped a bombshell, revealing that he was molested by a dialogue coach back in the day. Talk about a plot twist!

Matthew Underwood, aka our beloved Logan Reese from Zoey 101, decided it was time to unleash his own bombshell. Taking to Instagram, he spilled the beans about his own run-ins with the dark side of Hollywood. Brace yourselves, because this is where things get real.

According to Matthew, when he was just a wee lad of 12, he got mixed up with his best friend’s stepfather, who turned out to be more twisted than a pretzel. And if that wasn’t enough, when he hit the ripe old age of 19, his agent decided to turn into a creep too. Talk about a double whammy!

But fear not, because Matthew ain’t one to let the haters get him down. Despite facing more drama than a soap opera, he’s risen from the ashes like a phoenix, ready to drop truth bombs left and right.

Now, let’s talk about this Dan Schneider guy. You know, the mastermind behind Zoey 101? Rumor has it he’s got a reputation as colorful as a rainbow, but Matthew ain’t spilling the tea. Nope, he’s keeping it classy, choosing to believe in the power of redemption. Hey, we all make mistakes, right? Even if those mistakes involve being a total jerk.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, Matthew drops the mic with a message to all the haters out there. Seriously, can we all just get along? Wishing death upon someone’s family ain’t cool, no matter how much drama goes down on the small screen.

Let’s all take a page out of Matthew’s book and spread a little love instead of hate. After all, life’s too short for all this drama. As for Matthew’s agents, Lauren Green and Sam Hampton, they’re the real MVPs, always having his back like a trusty sidekick. So here’s to them, and here’s to Matthew, the hero we never knew we needed. #QuietOnSetButLoudOnTheHeart


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