Former Playboy Star Kendra Wilkinson Completes Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

Kendra Wilkinson, who’s 38 but feels 108 in mommy years, has emerged from her latest bout of anxiety and depression treatment like a phoenix rising from the ashes of her last panic attack. The former Playboy model couldn’t contain her excitement and decided to bless her Instagram followers with the grand announcement, just two months after her nerves decided to throw a wild party without her consent. She even threw in a black and white photo of herself looking all “I’m-recovering-and-I-know-it” with her hair let down like Rapunzel finally leaving her tower.

In her Instagram post, Kendra exclaimed, “I just recently finished my rollercoaster ride with depression and anxiety. Woohoo! I couldn’t resist sharing this news since there were more articles written about me than my dog’s obedience school graduation. Might as well give you the full scoop. LOL.” Yep, she LOL’d, because that’s how you confirm you’re back to your fabulous self.

She went on to spill the beans on her one-woman show, which can get as heavy as a sumo wrestler on a pogo stick. Life’s a challenge, and Kendra’s tackling it with the gusto of a caffeinated squirrel on a sugar rush. “Back on my feet, like a bipedal boss. Happily peddling real estate, taking care of my munchkins, and oh, myself. I’ve got great friends and a heart as full as an all-you-can-eat buffet!!! 😎” The sun emoji, of course, seals the deal – Kendra’s shining brighter than a supernova.

The moment Kendra hit that ‘post’ button, her loyal followers erupted in a frenzy of likes and cheers, and she promptly turned the comments off because, well, no one needs unsolicited life advice when you’re already acing the game.

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This update comes hot on the heels of her panic attack back in September, where her nerves decided to throw a rave and she made a surprise guest appearance at the hospital’s ER. Apparently, her life as a supermom and real estate tycoon got a bit too much for her, causing her to summon the ER staff like they were her personal concierge service. Even her ex-hubby Hank was there to witness the spectacle. That’s co-parenting dedication!

Kendra and Hank were once married, a love story that spanned from 2009 to 2018, filled with reality show drama and enough tabloid gossip to keep the paparazzi employed for years. Despite all the alleged cheating and drama, they’re still rocking the co-parenting gig like a well-rehearsed sitcom duo.

Before her ER escapade, Kendra spilled the beans about her life after reality TV fame, admitting on Melissa Gorga’s podcast that happiness was as elusive as a unicorn with an invisibility cloak. Her kids, however, were her guiding stars. They were the wind beneath her wings, the GPS of her life, and the reason she put on a smile even when she felt like she was tap-dancing on a rollercoaster. It’s official – Kendra’s a supermom on the road to recovery, and she’s bringing the laughs and the life lessons with her! 🤣🌟


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