Why Taylor Swift Follows Zero People on Instagram

Ever wondered why Taylor Swift is the lone wolf of social media, not following a soul? Well, legend has it that Eminem, the rap guru himself, might be the puppet master pulling the strings.

In a moment of enlightenment that rivals Buddha’s sermons, Eminem spilled the beans in a Q&A with fans. When asked why he abstains from Twitter follows, the rapper dropped this wisdom bomb: “Always be a leader, not a follower.” Boom! Mind blown.

So, cue Taylor Swift, the disciple of Eminem’s digital doctrines. She’s rocking the solo act on socials, not even hitting the “follow” button for her main squeeze Travis Kelce.

With a whopping 278 million Instagram minions and 94.9 million Twitter devotees, Swift’s social media army screams, “Bow down, peasants!” But why the solo journey, you ask?

According to Swift’s revelation on Capital FM UK Radio in 2019, she’s not on the follow train on Instagram to avoid the drama. Apparently, she got tired of people Sherlock Holmes-ing her life through likes and comments.

“Social media started feeling like Big Brother watching my every move,” Swift spilled the tea. “Miss a birthday wish, and suddenly there are headlines like, ‘Swift Unsquads! Taylor Swift Ditches So-and-So!’ I’d be at the party, like, ‘I’m literally standing next to So-and-So!'”

In Swift’s world, if it’s not on the ‘Gram, did it even happen? She’s out here rejecting the idea that her life should be dictated by internet gossips. “Take a pic, live the moment, but don’t spend the day scrolling comments. Be present, people!” Swift declares, throwing shade at the Insta-obsessed.

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Taylor Swift, the maverick of social media, taking Eminem’s advice to heart and dodging online drama like Neo dodging bullets in “The Matrix.” Now, go forth and be a leader, not a follower – unless Eminem tells you to.

Why Taylor Swift Follows Zero People on Instagram


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