Megan Thee Stallion Reveals Her Favorite ‘Real Housewives’ in New Video

Imagine 2023 as a reality TV buffet, and guess what? Celebrities are piling their plates high, just like us mere mortals. It’s like finding out your favorite A-lister is just as addicted to reality TV as you are—it’s oddly comforting, right? Like, “Hey, they binge-watch Housewives too!”

As we bid adieu to 2023, everyone’s busy crafting their lists of the year’s juiciest reality moments. It’s practically a national pastime. Bravo’s leading ladies took center stage, making waves both on and off the screen. It was the year of sassy Housewives with more drama than a llama in a tiara.

But hold on to your wig because even the glitterati are getting in on the ranking game. Enter Megan Thee Stallion, who recently spilled the tea on her favorite Real Housewives stars. Brace yourselves for the A-list of the B-list!

So, who won the Megan seal of approval? Well, during a Thanksgiving Instagram Live, Megan dropped her Housewives hit list. First up from Salt Lake City, we have Meredith Marks and Monica Garcia. Megan’s take? “Meredith is the one. Not the two.” Apparently, Meredith’s “You can leave” line resonated with Megan on a spiritual level. Can we get an amen?

Megan’s got love for the new girl, Monica. She’s not having any of the Monica slander. “Y’all need to quit f*cking with Monica. Bitch, I will be her homegirl on the show. I like Monica.” Watch out, Bravo, Megan’s ready to join the Housewives ranks!

And then there’s Potomac, where Karen Huger reigns supreme in Megan’s reality kingdom. “Everybody be kissin’ Karen’s ass as they should because she is the grand dame.” In Megan’s eyes, Karen isn’t just a Housewife; she’s a bad bitch, practically family. “I feel like that’s my aunt.” Pass the gravy, Aunt Karen!

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Now, for a wildcard moment, Megan throws love to the entire cast of Atlanta. “The whole cast of … is great. Nothing about it I don’t like.” But, of course, she has a wishlist: “I just want them to bring Porsha [Williams] and NeNe [Leakes] back.” Preach, Megan! Bring back the OGs for the ultimate reality reunion.

Megan Thee Stallion’s Housewives roundup is the perfect side dish to your 2023 reality TV feast. Who needs turkey when you’ve got the hot goss served by the Hot Girl herself? Let the Housewives drama continue, and may your 2024 be filled with more tea than a Beverly Hills garden party!


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