Travis Kelce’s Dad Ed Kelce Slams Bethenny Frankel, Calls Her a “Troll”

Ed Kelce and Bethenny Frankel are having a digital showdown that’s hotter than a jalapeño on a summer day.

Our journey into the wild world of social media feuds begins with Bethenny, the seasoned Bravo star who decided to take a swipe at Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s love fest. She hopped on Instagram and basically dropped a truth bomb, suggesting that Travis, at 34, might have a bit of a spotlight addiction. She even sprinkled some doubts on whether their relationship would survive the hurdles of real-life stuff like kids and marriage. Ouch, Bethenny, tell us how you really feel!

She went on to compare Taylor to a peacock, because, you know, apparently relationships can only handle one extravagant bird. Cue the eye rolls and gasps.

But hold onto your hats, because Ed Kelce, Travis’s dad, wasn’t having any of it. He stumbled upon Bethenny’s shade parade, reposted it on Facebook, and then dropped the mic with a casual “Who TF is this troll?” Oh snap, Ed, you just lit the internet on fire!

Bethenny, never one to back down from a showdown, took to her podcast to fire back. She kicked things off by calling out Ed’s “troll” label, claiming she understands a parent defending their kid, but she’d prefer a little more substance with her insults, thank you very much.

Then came the real talk: Bethenny insisted she wasn’t dissing Taylor and Travis’s love fest, she was just pointing out the obvious – relationships are like delicate soufflés, they need careful handling. She even threw in a reference to dating a peacock of her own in the past. Bethenny, girl, spill that tea!

She didn’t miss the chance to take another jab at Ed, calling him out for choosing insults over intellect. Shots fired, and the internet is loving every minute of it!

Bethenny wrapped up her tirade by doubling down on her Mount Rushmore of couples status for Taylor and Travis, adding that while they’re both soaring high in the success stratosphere, having two peacocks in one relationship might be a recipe for disaster. Can we get some ice for that burn?

And just when you thought the drama was reaching its climax, Bethenny coolly declared that all this fuss was just downright hilarious. It’s like watching a reality TV brawl, but with emojis instead of champagne flutes.

The internet’s latest episode of “Real Feuds of Social Media” has left us all breathless and begging for more. Bethenny, Ed, Taylor, Travis – keep the drama coming because we’re all just here for the popcorn! 🍿


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